Watching the Caesar Twins is almost like seeing a whole circus but with just two performers.

The Polish pair made their name with astonishing feats of balancing, as showcased in 2005's visit to Brighton with La Clique.

But their own show reveals there is much more to the 26-year-old brothers, not least a wicked sense of humour, as proven in a recreation of a computer fighting game.

Nothing beats the opening section of the 90-minute show, as Pierre and Pablo arrive on the stage like rock stars and do what they do best: jaw-dropping feats of strength and skill lifting each other in well-choreographed balances.

There is still plenty to enjoy, though, not least a silks act from the top of the Udderbelly stage, an upside-down bicycle trick and the boys' signature act in the water bowl which closes the show.

All the way through the audience is reminded of the brothers' long history together, through film clips and family photographs.

This culminates in a dramatic retelling of the horrific accident in 2002 when Pablo fell 16m (more than 40ft) off the wheel of death during a live show.

It was only through six months of intensive training with his brother that the act was able to go on - adding extra impact to all that has gone before.

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