A pair of teenagers are believed to be responsible for starting a fire in a school hall.

A blaze broke out at Hove Park Lower School in Hangleton Way, Hove, at 1pm on Monday but burned out before causing any major damage.

Two crews of firefighters who dealt with the fire discovered it had started from burning paper dropped through a roof window. The flames spread to a curtain but no further.

Hove Park headteacher Tim Barclay said: "It seems that a couple of youths managed to get up onto the roof of the hall. They threw rubbish and a dead bird down into the hall through a window and then some burning paper.

"Fortunately all that was damaged was one curtain."

Mr Barclay said the hall was used today for exams as previously scheduled. He said he did not think the youths involved were pupils from Hove Park.

Sussex Police is investigating the fire. Anyone with information should call Hove police station on 0845 6070999.