On Tuesday, the High Street electrical chain Currys announced it was no longer going to sell audio cassettes.

It seems strangely prophetic that the same day Daniel Kitson launched his tale of a compiler and collector of mix tapes on to the Brighton Festival.

The Basement provides a perfect setting for the story which is told in Jackanory style by Kitson himself.

Moving among the audience, who are bordered by countless shelves of cassette tapes and boxes, Kitson weaves a beautifully-contructed tale containing a cast of eccentric characters.

At the centre of it all is Henry, who works in a store of compilation tapes, painstakingly cataloguing and filing away people's hopes and dreams to the point where he has forgotten what it all means.

That is until, on his last day at work, a mix tape arrives for him.

Kitson's storytelling is compelling and warm, sharing the same love of language and the minutiae of life as Alan Bennett's Talking Heads.

There is a real joy in hearing Kitson describing his characters' thoughts and foibles as the gentle plot slowly untangles.

If you have been lucky enough to snag a ticket, just ensure you bring a cushion.

  • Until Sunday, May 20. Starts 8pm, SOLD OUT. Call 01273 709709.