I was involved in the Children's Parade on Saturday, May 5, and have to say it was one of the best ever.

I wrote a letter to The Argus last year asking why the roads could not be closed for the short time of this event and am so pleased to say that this year they were, making it safer and more enjoyable for all involved.

There were no long delays and it flowed beautifully through the streets - showing its full spectacle to the crowds.

Another bonus was finishing in Madeira Drive, which meant no hauling structures over the pebbles and giving people a bird's eye view from Marine Parade.

I would like to thank whoever decided to close the roads and give the children and schools the opportunity to show off all their hard work and effort without the disruption from traffic. I hope this decision will be adopted for future parades.

The schools work so hard organising their themes and spend many hours constructing structures and costumes, it seems only fair they are given the opportunity to give the best showing of them possible and I feel this was achieved this year.

  • Debbie Knowles, Sandgate Road, Brighton