Brighton and Hove City Council sent a tractor to kill the caterpillars at the back of the allotments in Mile Oak, Portslade.

That is not the answer. They need to come and spray them in the autumn, when they are in the webs, or early spring.

They have stripped trees in Overdown Rise and Gorse Close.

A few trees were already stripped of leaves three weeks ago. People in the surrounding area cannot open doors and windows in hot weather.

The council was contacted four weeks ago and it said it would spray in two weeks. That did not happen.

Several people on the allotments seem to have far more know-how about the life cycle of the caterpillar.

Chrysalises have already been found to start next year's cycle. If they come into the allotments this year and eat crops again we are going to ask for a rebate on rent.

After last year's fiasco, things seem to be going the same way.

  • Mr and Mrs Burbery, Sefton Road, Mile Oak