After a forty five-minute delay in starting, a cold, wet and miserable audience filed into the Udderbelly mustering all the enthusiasm of a wet blanket.

The crowd which emerged after spending ninety minutes in the company of the cheeky Caesar Twins could not have looked more different.

Gasps, laughter and cheers bounced off the walls as the identical acrobats performed daring stunts involving an upside-down bicycle, a giant inflatable and an oversized fishbowl.

The images and films charting the brothers' lives, which accompanied the show, added an interesting narrative and a nice personal touch.

Visually spectacular, with a naughty bit of humour, the Caesar brothers' energy and charisma will have you on the edge of your seat. Don't miss it.

  • Until 28 May (not 16 and 17). Tickets £16.00/£14.00. Call 01273 709709