An alternately mind-numbing and fascinating journey into the weird world of experimental sound.

I stopped searching for deeper meaning behind the technical tamperings as it gave me a headache and simply found myself intrigued by the sheer bizarreness of seven inventive performances.

Timely plucks and squeals from a violin built up the sound of an old boiler, while recordings from travels abroad tackled a new way to encapsulate the character of a country.

Suddenly, the carpet-seated audience were plunged into darkness and surrounded by skulking performers voicing creepy, piercing sounds and cooing at us like we were babies before the lights came on and the evening was rounded off with a wonderfully daft medley of emotionally delivered TV jingles.

If you get the chance to attend such an event in the future, bring an open mind - and a set of earplugs, just in case.

MUSIC Emma Lymer She Said, Udderbelly, Brighton

The gig began with a number of classic covers, including a rocking Patsy Cline hit, before the band moved on to their own songs and finished with their current single The Curse Of.

There was a collection of passionate instrumentals, specifically involving the group's charismatic bass player, as well as an inspiring vocal performance by lead singer Dominique Noiret.

The audience, all seated to begin with, were brought to life by this unique mix of country, rock and acoustic specialities and, while some relaxed with a beer, others were up on their feet enjoying the energetic sounds.

A truly enlightening performance.