Maureen Doo (nee Stenning) emails: "Calling all Old Westlainians, who joined Westlain Grammar School, Brighton, when it opened in September 1957.

"We are seeking both those who joined as first years and those who joined the upper years. You will be in your 60s but probably don't own up to it...

"We have arranged a reunion at the old Westlain building on Saturday, October 6, 2007 at 7.30pm and would love to see you there. We hope to see some of the teachers, too.

"Please contact us at for details. We look forward to hearing from you."

Maureen adds: "Please take the time to visit my web page and read about my charity trek along the Inca trail in Peru for Action Medial Research -

"I'll also be fundraising with my family, packing shopping at Asda in Hollingbury, on May 26 and would love to see old friends there."