A CHARITY swimmer was forced to drive home in just his David Beckham Speedos after thieves stole his clothes.

Simon Harris decided to swim around Palace Pier twice every day for a month for those struggling in war torn countries and affected by natural disasters.

But having completed one swim, he came back to the pebbles to find his belongings gone.

Mr Harris said: “I park outside the sea life centre across the road from the beach, I leave my valuables in the car and hide the key up the exhaust. I then just take a bag with my swimming stuff and a water flask and I slip into my sandals to get across the pebbles and I get changed on the beach.

“It was raining so I took an umbrella which I used to cover my bag and clothes and sandals. I left it all as close to where I get in and out as poss as getting across the pebbles worth nothing on my feet isn't pleasant.

“Where I came out after my swim I had no choice but to hobble over the pebbles and across the road in nothing but my David Beckham Speedos and swimming hat. I jumped in the car and drove home with the heating on full blast.

“I called my wife, who is pregnant with our first child, and is due any day now, and asked her to make some coffee and run me a bath.”

According to his Just Giving page, Mr Harris said he wants to raise £2,500 for the UNHCR.

He wrote: “We all know about the current situation concerning the displaced peoples of the world and the dangers many are facing trying to flee war torn countries and places affected by environmental disaster.

"I want to try to do something to help. I have successfully raised money by swimming in the past so I figure that's probably my best something. I therefore have decided to swim twice around Brighton Pier every day for a month."

Since his misfortune, Brighton and Hove residents have given him extra support and his is now 99 per cent towards his fundraising goal.

He said he didn't report the theft to police 'as they have bigger fish to fry'.

To donate go to: https://www.justgiving.com/Simon-Harris-geinthesea/