MR GULZAR has spoken after signing a contract to buy Eastbourne Pier.

He signed the contract to buy the pier on Wednesday afternoon

‘I am very proud to have bought the pier. I have lived in this country for 50 years and I care passionately about Eastbourne and the people who live here.

‘I want to make it the best pier in the country and I will put whatever investment is needed to achieve this.

‘Eastbourne is a wonderful town full of wonderful people and I want the pier to be wonderful as well.

‘We were all devastated when the big fire hit the pier last summer and it was never going to be easy to recover from that, but it has, and now I have bought it, Eastbourne Pier will flourish in a big way.

‘We have massive plans to improve and enhance the pier, much of which are in the early stages, but make no mistake – Eastbourne Pier will be the talk of the town.

‘We are already planning what we will do for Christmas – i want the pier to be at the heart of the community, and that means involving the community. My team and I will be doing that in the coming months and years.’