A JEALOUS husband and his wife are still together after he appeared in court for throwing the dog’s shaving kit at her and she told police he punched and kicked her.

Freddie Hance admitted assaulting his wife when he threw a bag containing the dog’s shaving kit at her which cut her breast.

Initially, Angela Hance had claimed her 60-year-old husband punched and kicked her in a jealous attack, but she later withdrew her statement saying the only assault was the throwing of the bag.

Worthing Magistrates' Court heard how Mr Hance had become increasingly suspicious of his wife cheating on him, and that his wife lied to police because she was “desperate to get him out of the house”.

In a police statement, talking about her lie, she said: “He desperately needs help and I realise that’s no excuse, but I simply couldn’t see any other way.”

The pair, of Osborne Crescent, Chichester, have been married for 40 years and despite there being an incident of cheating, their altercations have always been verbal.

Defending, Sharon Waggott said: “He was so concerned that he did throw this bag.

“He’s finally realised this jealousy cannot continue as his wife has been injured by his actions, which he is very upset about.”

The couple are now back together and say they are getting on better than ever.

Mrs Hance suffers from a number of health problems and her husband is her carer.

Mr Hance has also since visited his GP to address his issues and has an appointment with a psychologist on November 10 where he intends to follow whatever advice he is given.

Sentencing, chairman of the bench Mr Bardon said: “Clearly this is a domestic assault which took place in a domestic context, which makes it worse.

“You have taken steps to deal with your issues and it’s very important that you keep that arrangement as it will be beneficial in the relationship with your wife.

“It’s clearly what your partner wanted [to seek help] and it’s a big step you have made.

“Unfortunately, courts cost money and it costs money for you to appear in court.”

He then ordered Mr Hance to pay an £85 fine to the Crown Prosecution Service, criminal court costs of £150 and a victim surcharge of £15.

It was agreed no compensation was to be paid as Mr Hance would effectively be paying himself as he and his wife are still together.

From the dock, the 60-year-old said: “It won’t happen again. Ever.”