"Like most of our stuff, it's based very firmly in silly," says James Wren. He's telling me about a sketch, by his comedy group Greedy, in which a disembodied psychic head with anger management problems is assigned the task of finding a lost cat.

Others in Greedy's brief history - two well reviewed Edinburgh shows since they formed in 2004 - include an over-zealous martial arts plumber, a lecherous grandmother, a magic monkey onboard a starship and an Elizabethan duel conducted in the form of a dance-off which gives Wren ample opportunity to dust off some old Eighties moves.

Four actor friends who decided to write comedy together in 2004, Greedy's combined credits range from serious roles in Les Miserables and Judge John Deed to supplying the voice, for TV's Further Abroad, of a sexually engaged horse. Wren also runs London's popular Hen & Chickens comedy club.

"We try to keep it at a rocket pace and use lots of upbeat Seventies music to eradicate the usual hiatus between sketches," he says. "I think the most popular thing we do is T-Rexes playing hide and seek. Now we have them doing musical chairs too."

Greedy share tonight's bill with trio The Pros From Dover, also making their Brighton debut. "They're silly too," says Wren. "My favourite thing they do is a Frankenstein sketch in which Frankenstein's writing to his lover, telling her what a monster he's created, and the monster enters eating a bowl of cereal and wanting to talk about whether they're in a good catchment area so he can go to school."

  • 7pm, £10/£8, 01273 709709