What should the recently elected Brighton and Hove City Council do to make our parks and local neighbourhoods safer?

No, I am not seeking to add to the measures available already to punish miscreants and the aimless young. I was thinking more of the responses of the National Youth Bureau to this concern.

They state it would cost £350 per young person a year - under £1 a day - to provide the young with somewhere to go, something to do and an adult to talk to. With long summer evenings and school holidays to come, perhaps it is worth considering?

Given political goodwill such a scheme could be costed and tested for acceptability at full council.

The budget could be lodged in the chief executive's office and ringfenced to prevent other departments casting a cold eye on it.

The scheme would be administered by the city's youth and community service. If it is too late to implement this year, then 2008.

Is any political party interested in pursuing this?

  • David Anthony, St Andrews Road, Portslade