I travelled on the 4.30pm train from Ashford International to Brighton at rush hour last Friday.

The train consisted of two carriages.

Not surprisingly it was very overcrowded, with no space for luggage and people standing for most of the journey - which was a very unpleasant and lasted nearly two hours. The guard was apologetic but we need action from Southern not constant apologies.

I am a regular commuter on Brighton to London trains which are always overcrowded at rush hour and even off-peak. However, I did not expect to experience even worse conditions on the train from Ashford International.

I receive Southern's newsletter which is full of "spin" but little substance. Since Southern took over the South East rail franchise the trains have improved but the overcrowding has worsened so passengers are no better off.

When is Southern going to reduce overcrowding? The excuse that it is not possible to have longer trains does not hold water when a two-carriage train is run at rush hour.

  • David Cubey, Kingsley Court, King's Road Brighton