An infant school got a glowing report from Government inspectors.

Lyminster Infant School was described as "a good school with many outstanding features" in its latest Ofsted report.

The school, in Wick Street, Littlehampton, caters for 99 pupils aged between four and seven.

After visiting the school in April the inspectors said: "Staff find teaching rewarding because pupils are so responsive.

"Their behaviour is excellent and their books are delightful to look at because they present their work so well."

They found staff and governors had created a "supportive and stimulating" school with an "excellent" curriculum.

Lead inspector Brenda Spencer wrote to pupils after the visit, saying: "You are fortunate to go to such a good school that you leave able to read, write and do your mathematics well.

"You try hard in your lessons and this is not surprising as your teachers work very hard and teach you such interesting things in exciting ways."