I hope the defeat of Simon Burgess in the recent council elections sends a strong message to the Labour Party when it considers its candidate in Brighton Kemptown for the next general election.

His disgraceful removal of Councillor Juliet McCaffery as the deputy chairman of the children, families and schools sub-committee was a hideously undemocratic thing to do.

He's now seen as "damaged goods" by thousands of people in this city and now even apparently by people in his own ward. People in the city will never forget the reprehensible way he acted.

As Mr Burgess points out, boundary changes make Kemptown even more of a marginal seat than it was before. It would be political suicide for the Labour Party to select a candidate who was only able to come sixth in his own ward.

They would be well advised to steer well clear of him when making their choice.

  • Andrew Saunders, Ladies Mile Road, Patcham