As Gordon Brown launches his leadership bid, perhaps I could remind people in Sussex of some of his many failings?

These include:

  • A decade of stealthy taxation that has seen Britain's tax burden rise above that of Germany, endangering our long-term competitiveness
  • Record levels of private debt
  • The £100 billion raid on pensions
  • Huge levels of government waste from the Dome to the Olympics - from tax credits to the NHS computer fiasco
  • The fact that Brown cannot escape responsibility for all of Blair's failings - he has been central to the spin and squander of the last ten years.

The recent prisons crisis being a good example, as was the deceitful nature of his recent Budget.

Let's hope Gordon calls a snap general election so we will all get the chance to tell him exactly what we think of him, Tony Blair and New Labour.

  • Simon Kirby, Conservative parliamentary candidate, Brighton Kemptown