People flying through the air at unimaginable heights, a man balancing several footballs on his body and ballerinas dancing on men's heads in the most dazzling costumes - if breathtaking isn't the word, then I don't know what is.

Cirque Surreal succeeds in taking us on a magical and imaginative theatrical experience, fusing together dance, culture, comedy and acrobatics, to bring something fresh and special to the big red tent.

The talented cast - with the most strikingly elastic bodies - never failed to perform with precision and sparkle, despite the perils of being dangled in the air on a piece of rope.

A show which, rollercoaster-like, puts you through a steadily heightening journey of fear and of laughter, it's a definite must for all who love to be shocked, stunned and entertained.

  • Until May 20 (not Tuesdays). Call 01273 709709