After waiting for an hour and a half in the rain for this late-starting show, the last thing I needed was the childish and unoriginal novelty music of the tragically bad, unbilled support act, Zooface.

And things didn't improve much once they were gone, as next up were Silvermaker, a poorly named and unoriginal radio rock band distinguished only by their very attractive singer.

With two more bands to go, things were looking very bleak when suddenly, things took a dramatic turn for the better.

The DJ spun some Talking Heads, Two Spot Gobi struck their opening chord and the dance floor erupted.

Two Spot Gobi embarrassed every other band on the bill with their original dub-inflected funk, spiced up with cello and trumpet.

After this, Friday Night Hero's smooth rock was something of an anti-climax but then, anything would've been.