I would like to help everybody who is thinking of attending events at the Udderbelly during the Brighton Festival by offering this piece of advice: the time shown on your ticket is the performance time of the event and not the doors opening time.

My friends found this out to our cost on Saturday when attempting to see Sean Hughes.

We arrived at around 7.20pm to find the event had started and as Mr Hughes had requested that latecomers were not to be admitted, we were denied entry.

The door staff refused to acknowledge that adding the words "start" or "performance"

to the ticket would have avoided any confusion.

We decided to contact the organisers for acknowledgment of the ambiguity of their ticketing information but Charlie Wood, director of the Udderbelly, refused to acknowledge that there was an issue at all.

Therefore, festival goers, make sure you "interpret" the ticket information in the manner that Charlie Wood does otherwise he will become "tired" dealing with your "idiotic complaints".

  • James Gale, Agnes Street, Brighton