AN EASTBOURNE film director and producer is releasing a tearjerking film on December 1 to highlight the shortage of organ donors.
James Newton, 32, a father of two from Carew Road, says A Love Worth Giving is a powerful and emotional story that he hopes will go viral and spread the message about the need for more donors.
It tells the story of newlyweds, Sam and Luke, a young couple madly in love, who build a life together around the physical and emotional challenges that come from living with cystic fibrosis.
It is being released on December 1, the same day that Wales becomes the first UK nation to introduce an organ donation system where consent is assumed. The documentary highlights the desperate lack of organ donors in the UK and around the world.
By releasing it free of charge, the filmmakers hope it will be shared online and help raise awareness of the need for more donors.
‘I first met Sam and Luke about six years ago and they were the most amazing couple. Sam spent three years waiting for her transplant and had a number of false alarms.
'Initially it was a film about grief, about what Luke was going through, but it developed into far more than that.
‘He developed a talent for painting, it was his way of dealing with grief and trying to come to terms with what had happened, and from there I decided the film would actually be a tragic love story, but one with a message.
‘Sam would be really pleased if she could see what we had done. She was a public person, she was a campaigner and wrote a well-read blog about her personal experiences.
‘When you watch the film, you come away with the sense that you have seen something very special, it has engaged hopefully with one’s heart and mind.’
He describes the film as very raw, there is no commentary and the story is told through the eyes of Luke.
The 25-minute film was made with the generous support of backers on Kickstarter, a number of whom either have cystic fibrosis or are transplant recipients. Many of those are from Eastbourne.
There is a UK premiere at DocHouse Curzon in London at 6:30PM on December 1 and there is also a screening at the 
Picture House Duke's at 
Komedia in Brighton on Saturday November 28 at 2pm.
It is available to watch for FREE from Dec 1 at
 and James wants it to go viral so that the message can be spread about organ donation.
‘There are more than 10,000 people in need of an organ transplant in the UK – and in the USA, that number is over 123,000. The World Health Organisation acknowledges that demand for organs outstrips supply in almost every country of the world,’ added James.
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