A pedestrian crossing has been ripped up and replaced after the wrong type of kerbs were put in.

Workmen moved in on the crossing Queens Road and at Upper Gloucester Road to dig up the stonework earlier this week.

This was just months after the crossing was redone as part of the £1.5 million Brighton Station Gateway scheme.

But then the kerb stones the council used broke and allowed the new paving slabs to move, forcing the council to “act quickly” to repair the damage.

Brighton and Hove City Council took responsibility for the blunder and said “lessons have been learnt and we will employ a different construction method in similar situations in future”.

The workmen were spotted by Robert Hewitt, 35, while he was walking home on Tuesday evening, who told him they had to replace the stones with tarmac.

He said: “I saw the work on the corner where they were digging up the brand new stone laid crossing at the one way system leading buses towards the station.

"Knowing how long and expensive this new development was to make, I was shocked.”

This error as part of the Brighton Station Gateway scheme comes after the public square outside the station had to be dug up after the stonework was noticed to be the wrong colour.

However, that mistake was at no cost to the taxpayer as the suppliers took responsibility.

A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said: “We used a standard type of kerb that would normally be suitable in this situation however this failed which allowed the paving slabs to move. We had to act quickly to repair the work.

“Our options were to either dig the whole area up, re-do the kerbs and reinstate the block crossing - which would have taken seven to eight days - or quickly fix it with tarmac which is what our contractor Dance did on Tuesday.”