A CONDUCTOR gave these tots the chance to produce some tinkling tunes which will feature on BBC Radio 4.

Comedian and classical conductor Rainer Hersch visited Wise Owls Nursery in Park Crescent Place, Brighton, to record the Tiny Tinkles radio show, which will hit the airwaves after Christmas.

Best known for his comical take on the classics, the radio star is exploring the relationship between children and music.

The children at the nursery, founded by Laura Bryson and Alison Holdsworth, said the children thoroughly enjoyed their tiny tinkle on the instruments.

Ms Bryson said: "They helped compose a piece of music. They were given instruments and bought a couple of violinists and a cellist. They were playing the Toy Symphony and children got to play their little instruments at certain points."

Tiny Tinkles will be played on BBC Radio 4 on December 29 at 11.30am.