Opponents to a mobile phone mast will fight to protect their "little piece of England".

Jackie Williams is against T-Mobile putting a 28ft telecommunications pole on a green in Saltdean.

Brighton and Hove City Council turned the planning application down but the company has appealed.

Mrs Williams is calling on neighbours to write their objections to the Secretary of State.

T-Mobile wants to install a replica telegraph pole housing three antennae on grass between Saltdean Vale and Hempstead Road.

There would also be equipment cabinets next to it.

The council rejected the application because it thought the cabinets would harm the character and appearance of the area.

Mrs Williams, of Heathfield Avenue, said: "Children play on this piece of land. It is a lovely little green and lovely plot of England.

"We moved from Ilford last year where it was too dangerous for children to play outside.

"It's great to be able to see them free to play here like we used to in the Fifties and it would be such a shame if that was taken away from them.

"The pole would be a real eyesore there and I don't understand why it couldn't be put just a few hundred yards up the road where there is a huge piece of land which the children don't use.

"There is no proof there isn't any danger from these poles.

"When this application was turned down by the council I thought that was the end of it."

She is canvassing support against the appeal from people in the area.

The deadline for comments about the application is June 4.

No-one from T-Mobile was yesterday available for comment.