I have been reading the exchanges between Graham Chainey, M Boyask and Ashley Simmons in The Argus on the subject of wi-fi radiation and keeping my thoughts to myself.

However, after reading Mr Simmons' comment that "the alleged electromagnetic hypersensitivity has never been shown to exist"

(Letters, May 12) I realised the time had come to enlighten him.

Why? Because I suffer from electro- hypersensitivity and am sensitive to Tetra, 3G masts and phones, wi-fi and more. I know many more people who are sensitised to these newer technologies or have become unwell around them.

I have put up with indifference, disbelief and abuse for three years now, but it has to stop because there are too many of us being affected. We EHS sufferers do exist.

We are here in the communities of West Sussex and across the UK. We have been ignored by the Government and doctors due to lack of scientific evidence but we are here.

How can anyone just say that hundreds, maybe thousands, of people are not unwell or experiencing distressing symptoms and situations? Who has the right to state that these electro-hypersensitive people simply do not exist?

The actual status of scientific evidence as it stands is that the "jury is out". This means no one can be sure either way - with the exception of those who suffer from its effects. We need no science to prove it.

This condition means no mobile phones, wi-fi, cordless phones, wireless music players or games, microwaves, digital TV or radio, baby alarms, broadband internet access, laptops and other modern devices and gadgets.

It means some means of transportation and visiting most towns and cities, leisure facilities, pubs and clubs are out. It means you may not be able to work in many environments or even drive a car.

Please just be thankful you are not an EHS sufferer and maybe spare a thought for those who are.

  • S Lawrence, Ruskin Close, Selsey