A CHARITY is warning anyone can become homeless with a new hard-hitting video.

The Brighton Housing Trust film has been released in the run up to Christmas with a festive theme.

It follows a seemingly normal middle-class Brighton family - mum, dad and two children - in the run up to Christmas.

The two children excitedly open their advent calender each morning only to uncover bad news.

First it is a notification about late rent, then a council tax penalty before their dad loses his job.

In the following days the family's credit cards are rejected before the power is switched off.

All the time, mum and dad are trying to keep the family together - with little success.

As Christmas approaches the bailiffs come round and then on Christmas Eve the family is evicted.

As they are ushered out onto the streets in the driving rain, a message appears on screen: "a month can be all it takes to become homeless.

"Who would you turn to?"

The film was produced for free by video agency Beast for Brighton Housing Trust (BHT).

Andy Winter, chief executive of BHT, said: “We want the video to show homelessness isn't just one of those things that happen to other people. Homelessness can happen to anyone, and frighteningly quickly. Who would you turn to?

“The film aims to raise awareness that, when people are in crisis, they turn to BHT."

Last year BHT's First Base centre helped nearly 1,000 homeless people with double that number receiving advice and legal representation from the charity.

BHT needs to raise £20,000 this Christmas to keep First Base running. To support their Christmas appeal visit bht.org.uk.