A CHILD'S letter persuading the Prime Minister not to bomb Syria has been found in a park.

Addressed simply to "the postman" and from Jacob, the youngster calls on David Cameron to think twice about bombing Islamic State (IS).

The letter, which is written in scrawled witting on lined paper, was found in Carden Park, Hollingbury, Brighton, last week.

It reads: "Dear postman, my name is Jacob and I am writing to you to see if you could deliver this to David Cameron.

"David I know that there has been a lot going around about ISIS (Islamic State) and I personally think that you shouldn't have sent the planes to bomb Syria because they will bomb us.

"I think that I could make a stop to it.

"Thank you for reading, please reply back."

It is not known who wrote the letter or how it came to be in Carden Park.

It was found on Wednesday tied to a tree in the park with a green balloon.

The Government voted to target IS is Syria on December 2 with 397 MPs voting in favour compared to 223.

All Sussex MPs voted for air strikes apart from Green MP for Brighton Pavilion Caroline Lucas and Conservative MP for Chichester, Andrew Tyrie.

Since the vote RAF bombers have carried out a number of strikes on IS targets including oil fields they control.

In the last two weeks the first Syrian refugees have arrived in Brighton and Hove with more expected over the coming months.

On December 17 two petitions will be presented to Brighton and Hove City Council urging the city to take more refugees.

Residents Cath Senker and Eva Mathis launched the petitions which have so far been signed by nearly 3,000 residents.

Ms Mathis said: “I was moved to see how many people came to the aid of refugees in many parts of Europe and felt strongly that residents of Brighton and Hove would also support and welcome families here.”

Ms Senker added, “Offering homes to at least five refugee families is a start, but given the scale of the current refugee crisis, we should – and could – do so much more. I hope the council will now put pressure on the Government to provide the necessary funding so our city can provide sanctuary to more refugees.”