SCHOOL children created a giant mass of Christmas pudding mix enough to make 150 of the Yuletide treats.

Pupils, staff and parents at Aldrington Primary School in Hove helped create the mega mix.

The mass of currents, cherries and suet was placed into a giant vat and ceremoniously paraded through the school to the assembly hall where a special ceremony was held.

A team of parents had taken over the school kitchens the day before the big mixing event and they measured out all the ingredients and made the necessary preparations.

Then on Friday morning pupils from each class created their own Christmas pudding mixture with the ingredients prepared by the parents.

Each class’ mixture was then added to the giant vat.

School governor Susanna Kendrick said there was enough to make 160 puddings which would each serve between five and six people.

She said: “It was great fun. We always make sure that every child and every single member of staff get a chance to stir the mixture.

“During the assembly the children were told about the origins of the Christmas pudding, which is all to do with sharing goodness with our friends and neighbours.”

Once the mixture was all finished, a team of 15 parents worked to portion it out into individual puddings.

Some of them were pre-ordered while the others were sold at the school’s Christmas fair on Saturday.

All money raised will go to the school.

Each pudding also had a special logo which was designed by two school pupils. A competition was held to find the winning design with judges from Waitrose picking the pair.

The company also provided support by donating special crates to help carry the pudding.

The puddings were not cooked at the school so those who bought the mixture were reminded to take it home, refrigerate it and cook within three days.

This is the fifth year the event has been held at the school.