THERE have been 20 thefts from vans in 21 days in Brighton and Hove.

Van owners in the city are being urged to remove any tools or valuables from their vehicles.     

Sergeant James Ward said: "We have seen an increase since the new year with more than 20 recorded crimes of thefts from vans across the city.

"We are giving this crime prevention advice to van owners and drivers."

Sussex Police are urging drivers to check their windows are up, the van is locked, and to mark valuables with security marking fluids such as smartwater.

A spokesman for the force said: "Remove all valuables from your vehicle whenever possible and wipe away any suction marks left behind by sat-nav or phone holders. This includes tools, laptops and sat-navs.

"Thieves know where to look so avoid leaving valuables in your boot, glove box or under the front seat.

"Mark tools and valuable items with a security marking fluid such as Smartwater. This can help to deter thieves and also allow police to return items to you if they are stolen and then recovered.

"Don't give thieves an easy getaway. Park in a garage, driveway or well-lit area where possible and if you have a car alarm, make sure that it is enabled."

If anyone has any information contact police by emailing or ring 101.