The 41st Brighton Festival draws to a close this Sunday.

Can I urge even those of you who think the whole event is a waste of time and energy to do one thing before it ends - take yourself for a walk. Forty-one Places is 41 true stories, installed in the places where they happened.

From the story written on paving stones outside the Brighton Centre to the "postcard" in a newsagent in the North Laine, this is a treasure hunt to help even those who were born here rediscover the remarkable city we live in - and it's free.

Some of these vignettes will move you, others may make you laugh, but just the journey you take seeking them out will take you to places you'd forgotten, others you didn't know existed and locations you have never seen from this perspective before.

Even if you haven't got time left to see them all (most of them will be taken down when the Festival ends) take an hour or two to do part of the trail, and remind yourself that of all places, so many people in Brighton have a story to tell.

  • AJ Ogilvie, Highdown Road, Brighton