CONSERVATIVE MP Maria Caulfield will oppose the Prime Minister's bid to stay in the European Union by voting to leave.

The member of parliament for Lewes said she was "not convinced" by David Cameron's proposal for Britain to remain a member of the EU with a number of changes.

She said her decision may not do much for her long term political career but it would mean she could face her constituents.

She said: "The deal I have seen is not enough to vote to stay in the EU so I will be voting to leave.

"Issues with migration have not been dealt with. Most people come here to work. The introduction of the living wage is going to encourage more people to come and I say that as the daughter of Irish immigrants who came here to work."

Her fiancée Steve Bell, a Brighton and Hove City councillor for Woodingdean and president of the Conservative National Convention, believes Britain should be out at any costs and Ms Caulfield admits she is a Eurosceptic.

She insisted her decision was what she thought was best.

She said: "As a female MP I actually find it quite insulting when people make links to my partner's views. I have a different mind. I’m not out at any cost. I have been very honest - it would take a lot to convince me. The deal offers an improvement on our current relationship but it does not go far enough. I might have been convinced if the changes were good enough.

"I don't think the prime minister has let me down, it's Europe that has let us down. I’ve had an overwhelming response which clearly shows many are also not convinced."

She thinks immigration concerns still need to be tackled and suggested allowing entry only to those with skills Britain needed.

Newhaven fishermen's businesses were hampered by EU fishing quota rules and hairdressers were battling with regulations meaning hair dryers were less powerful, she said.

"Changes to copyright could see furniture reproducers out of business," she added.

The news comes as it emerged up to five cabinet ministers could campaign for Britain to leave the EU with David Cameron facing calls to allow them a chance to speak out.

Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas and Nicholas Soames, the MP for Mid Sussex, are among local members who want to remain in the EU.

But Ms Lucas lambasted the negotiations as a flawed sideshow which failed to tackle the real issues at the core of the debate.

The Prime Minister, who has drawn up a deal with European Council president Donald Tusk, wants Britain to remain in the EU with a number of reforms.

He will make a statement in the Houses of Commons to sell the proposal and to gauge opinion.