PARKING wardens are taking up their crackdown on illegally parked motorists a gear or two by swapping two feet for four wheels.

Wardens will be patrolling Brighton roads in a camera car fitted with automatic number plate recognition technology during a two-week trial.

The new technology will be used to assist NSL wardens on foot to locate vehicles using out-of-date or fake parking permits as well as drivers who have over-stayed their tickets.

Parking wardens will use the information to check vehicles and issue a penalty charge notices.

The cameras also have the capability to identify untaxed cars but a council spokeswoman said that would not be included in the two-week trial.

The trial is being carried out in streets around Preston Park within the Area J residents’ parking scheme although council officers said there was no particular reason for choosing this area.

Motorists are being warned of the trial through signs in the streets.

The trial is being carried out by NSL at no cost to the council.

Councillor Gill Mitchell, chair of the city’s environment and transport committee, said: “NSL asked us if we would host a short trial to see whether this technology could help our on-street parking and ensure a proper use of spaces.

“The technology will support, not replace parking attendants.”