A VIDEO of the Brighton Naked Bike Ride has been uploaded to a pornographic website and viewed more than 35,000 times.

The 39 minute video compilation has been uploaded on xhamster.com and contains numerous clips of people taking part in the annual nude cycle, which has taken place in the city every summer for the past decade.

The video was uploaded on Friday by a user who identifies themselves as a 59-year-old man and the upload was spotted on the pornographic website by an Argus reader.

The Argus reader, who asked not to be named, said: “I could not believe it when I saw the video.

“I am sure that those who took part in the bike ride would be shocked to know they are on a website like this.”

As of yesterday the video had been viewed more than 35,000 times after being uploaded to the site's public nudity category.

The Brighton ride is one of 70 places around the world where the cheeky ride takes place.

Up to 1,000 riders can take part each year and the procession is accompanied by a fleet of sound systems as they head through the city centre to the Black Rock naturist beach.

The message behind the bare-faced fun is about highlighting the vulnerability of cyclists and the environment.

Duncan Blinkhorn, organiser of the Brighton Naked Bike Ride, said: "We are aware that many people take photographs and videos of the ride to share with others and in our experience most participants are fairly relaxed about how these are disseminated via tweets, Youtube and other media, as long as the photographers are respectful in their intent.

"We are concerned that many participants may not feel comfortable about being linked to a pornographic website or that such a site should feel the ride is appropriate material.

"Having said that, we understand that the video on this site merely shows the ride as it is seen by thousands on the streets of Brighton - a bunch of people riding bikes naked and semi-naked - and as such is not sexualised or pornographic in nature. We hope that any viewers who do come across it will feel encouraged to take up and enjoy the many pleasures of cycling."