A VIDEO of the Brighton Naked Bike Ride uploaded to a hardcore porn site has been taken down after a copyright infringement claim.

The Argus revealed on Tuesday a compilation of 39 minutes worth of footage of the ride was uploaded on xhamster.com prompting concern from the organisers of the event.

Within days the video had been viewed nearly 40,000 times by visitors to the porn site after it was shared in its public nudity category.

But upon being contacted by The Argus for comment the organisers of the ride investigated the video, saying participants "may not feel comfortable about being linked to a pornographic website".

The team found the video of the 2014 ride had been used without permission of the videographer who had put together the video and they filed a copyright claim - successfully getting the video taken down.

The Brighton Naked Bike Ride is one of 70 places around the world where the cheeky event takes place and up to 1,000 riders can take part each year.

The message behind the bare-faced fun is about highlighting the vulnerability of cyclists and the environment.

Ride organiser Duncan Blinkhorn said: "The planning team are clear that this was not an appropriate use of images from the ride and we have taken action accordingly.

"We want to reassure participants, on past and future rides, that we are committed to doing whatever we can to ensure that the Brighton Naked Bike Ride is a safe event with a respectful, positive and fun atmosphere for all involved."

"This year it will be ten years since the first Brighton ride in June 2006. During that time it has grown in popularity as has cycling in the city.

"This year's ride will be on Sunday, June 12, starting from The Level and we will be celebrating all that has been achieved for cycling in the city since our first ride while flagging up improvements we'd like to see during the next ten years.

"We'll be inviting suggestions from our riders and raising funds for community cycle projects in the city."