AN ARTIST has drawn up a selection of seaside posters that you are unlikely to find in your local tourist information centre.

Jack Hurley includes Brighton in his side swipe at seaside resorts with the slogan: "You'll Never Be Cool Enough."

His other creations include Southsea: It's Still Portsmouth, showing a man being kicked on the floor, and Cleethorpes: The Last Resort, depicting a child in a nappy next to a crumbling sandcastle and in front of a disused power station.

The 36-year-old said: "While I'd obviously prefer a look-how-magnificently-witty-these-posters-are angle, I'm more than willing to be thrown to the mercy of a pitchfork-wielding mob."

His Redcar poster, showing a dying whale on its shores and the slogan "Dystopia-On-Sea", saw BBC Radio Tees whipping up "a frothy lather of outrage".

Mr Hurley, now living in Leeds, said the Brighton poster "pretty much drew itself".

He said: "I really like Brighton - it's a great, vibrant place. The problem is it doesn't half know it and has drunk its own 'edgy'/zany/kooky (delete as appropriate) Kool Aid to the point of self-parody."

The inspiration for the posters comes from Mr Hurley's upbringing in Portsmouth and then Teignmouth in Devon.

Mr Hurley added: "I have a great deal of love for the seaside and it wasn't a bad place to grow up but I think people often have a rose-tinted vision of the coast.

"These posters are about gently mocking a very British state of affairs and doing so with a certain level of backhanded affection."

The posters are now available on his webiste. Visit