Residents in Langney are determined to stamp out dog fouling in their neighbourhood.

People living in Etchingham Road are taking part in Eastbourne Borough Council’s ‘Not In Our Street’ initiative which targets areas where dog owners are failing to pick up after their pets.

The awareness campaign sends out a strong message to dog owners that mess on pavements will not be tolerated.

Leaflets are being delivered to all homes in the area, reminding people to clean up after their pets in public places and encourage them to report any instances of dog fouling they witness to the Council.

Councillor Steve Wallis, Lead Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “’Not In My Street’ lets people in your neighbourhood know that dog fouling is unacceptable.

“Aside from the obvious unpleasantness, dog mess can also pose a significant health risk.

“If your dog fouls in public, please clean it up, and if you witness dog fouling, please report it so the Council can take action against the offending owner.”

To report dog fouling or find out more about ‘Not In My Street’ contact the Council’s Neighbourhood First Team on 01323 410000 or email