A WOMAN has been ordered to never set foot in East Sussex again after waging a campaign of harassment against a restaurant boss including posting naked pictures of herself on his Facebook page.

Evangelina Amirhom also threatened Steve Pineau and his family and sent him a murder novel with menacing paragraphs underlined.

The 36-year-old also sent Mr Pineau, who now works at Grow 40 kitchen roof garden in Brighton, other bizarre, unwanted gifts.

This week Teeside Crown Court heard how she had been living in supported housing in Middlesbrough in November when she began breaching a restraining order which had been imposed four years earlier.

That was made after she started calling Mr Pineau's then restaurant in Brighton 20 to 30 times a day and also made false allegations against him.

The court heard how things went quiet for some time, but the trouble began again when Amirhom feared her treatment at was going to change.

She threatened to harm Mr Pineau and members of his family, before he gave up his business and opened a new cafe, said prosecutor David Crook.

Last November, Amirhom started posting things on Instagram and Facebook accounts belonging to the cafe owner, his girlfriend, business partner and the eaterie itself.

Mr Crook told Judge Howard Crowson: "The most notable effort was to place self-taken photographs revealing her naked breasts and some very sexually-detailed comments.

"He had to constantly monitor the social media sites to take down the distressing messages, and regular patrons would also inform him if anything new appeared."

Amirhom sent packages containing a Christmas card with £200 cash, two painted canvasses, a small Santa toy, an iPhone 6 and the book Adirondak Tragedy: The Gillette Murder Case of 1906.

Amirhom, of Zetland Road, Middlesbrough, told police her mental health difficulties made her do "naughty things" and said the least Mr Pineau deserved were "cheeky posts".

The reason for her obsession was not revealed in court, but she said she had been "mentally-controlled by the illuminati and sent packages as instructed".

Amirhom admitted breaching the restraining order.

Judge Crowson imposed a 12-month community order and a life-long restraining order which bans her from contacting Mr Pineau or his family, or entering East Sussex.

Mr Pineau, 37, who works at Grow 40 kitchen roof garden in Kensington Gardens, Brighton, declined to comment.


WITH a lifetime restraining order and 300 miles between them, Steve Pineau might have begun to breathe a sigh of relief. 

It had been four years since Eva Amirhom was banned from contacting him, drawing to a close something akin to a nightmare. 

She had bombarded his work with 20 to 30 calls a day and made false allegations that were no doubt hard to bear. 

The 36-year-old brunette was banned from coming within 50 metres of his restaurant while he was busy making a name for himself in Brighton’s thriving culinary scene. 

Then it started again. Threats to him and his family. Posts on Facebook and Instagram. 

He and his colleagues struggled to take them down as quickly as they appeared. Customers became aware. 

Quickly the messages took on a different tone: sexually explicit pictures and texts. When arrested, Amirhom referred to her “cheeky” posts. That is not how Mr Pineau, or prosecutors, saw them. 

“This has affected both my personal and business life,” the 37-year-old Frenchman told Teesside Crown Court last week in a statement. 

“It takes some time to check that she has sent something out and I am also concerned that she can also turn up at any time.

“Luckily there are regular customers who tell us that there is something that we have missed.”

But there was more than just the social media messages.

Strange packages and gifts arrived for him. A toy Santa, an iPhoneIphone. 

But among the more frightening, a copy of a book about the infamous 1906 murder of Grace Brown, a factory worker killed in the mountains by a man whose child she was carrying. 

Passages of Adirondack Tragedy: The Gillette Murder Case of 1906 had been underlined. 

No details were given in court as to the source of Amirhom’s obsession with Pineau. 

He declined to comment yesterday. 

Online evidence suggests their paths may have crossed as far back as 2005 at the Hotel du Vin in Brighton, where she says she once worked, and he was once a manager. 

Whatever the origins of the obsession, it seems to have been re-ignited while she was living in Middlesbrough. She had feared changes to her mental health treatment, according to what was heard in court. 

Certainly, mental health has featured strongly in her case. 

Amirhom declined to comment to The Argus, but a note posted on her social media accounts downplayed her behaviour. 

“No death threats were sent to anybody and my naked photos were just a joke,” she wrote. 

“There was no intention behind the unwanted gifts or the nude photos ...the nude photos were just to have a laugh not more than this ...I was just joking that’s all ..if people seen what I did different to what I had intended ..I can not do anything...”

She added: “I never wanted to be famous but here I go. I’m in the news described as a stalker and somebody who would turn up at the doorstep of their victims. 

“As far as I’m aware I have been physically absent from my victim’s surrounding for more than eight years ..I’m amazed that he still even remembers me.”

Last Wednesday, Amirhom attended Teesside Crown Court where she pleaded guilty to breaching the restraining order from September 2011. 

The court responded by giving her another restraining order, only this time it is wider. 

They debated banning her from all of Sussex, before getting stuck on the fact it is two counties. 

She must never set foot in East Sussex again.