Sometimes stepping into a venue where a comic is about to take the stage can be nerve-wracking.

Who will they pull out of the audience? What will they pick on?

But Rob Beckett's humble, unpretentious and self-deprecating show was more like a night in the pub with friends who are on top form - the banter was endless, the laughs were plentiful, and although everyone poked fun at each other, it did not feel like anyone was being picked on.

Entering into marriage provided the  material for most of the show - a fascinating and face-achingly funny insight into the workings of the male mind.

From KitKat eating etiquette to talcum powder faux pas, no trivial, but essential, daily matter was unquestioned.

His conversation with the audience was incredible. His quick-witted, quirky and speedy responses were hilarious. And he was just as happy to take heckles and poke fun at himself without prompting, in an unusually honest and affable way.

What made Beckett a particular pleasure was the appreciation for the audience who sold out the Ropetackle.

He he gave each member of the audience and heartfelt handshake and thank-you as the show finished.

And he asked for a round of applause for the team of volunteers who run the centre.

Everyone left more adoring of Beckett than they were a mere two hours earlier.