In response to "Keep your word"

(Letters, May 31), I feel David Patrick's comments are unfair and mislead the public we represent.

If he would like to cast his memory back over the past twoand- a-half years, he would remember that he stood beside me while we were petitioning for measures to be taken to slow traffic down in both Old Shoreham Road and Olive Road.

Residents were visited in Olive Road, Hallyburton Road, Isabel Crescent and Florence Avenue and, as a result, a traffic island is now in situ.

Arrangements were also made for trees to be cut back and for signs to warn that traffic may be approaching from the left.

Surely Mr Patrick is aware that councillors can only do so much and the final decisions are down to the transport and road safety department, along with the highway department?

I would appreciate facts are used when trying to criticise the good work we are trying to carry out.