As the project manager for the Brighton Marina Regeneration Project, I have been keenly following the opinions of your readers on our latest proposals (Letters, May 25), which we launched at our fourth exhibition on May 18.

We hope you will allow us the opportunity to respond to the issues highlighted in the correspondence on traffic and car parking.

Our proposals to manage traffic in and around the marina include:

  • A new transport interchange
  • Working with the Brighton and Hove Bus Company to produce new bus priority measures along key routes to the marina
  • A green transport plan which includes a car and cycle club with discount vouchers for bus and train travel and the purchase of bikes
  • 60 per cent of new homes will be provided with private parking spaces and just as much other parking provision, with a car park management plan which prioritises people using and living in the marina
  • A major contribution towards Brighton and Hove's strategic requirement for a rapid transit system
  • General junction and crossing improvement coming into the marina
  • Provision of a "harbour square"

which will allow free flow of traffic while giving pedestrian, cycle and public transport priority Overall, we have ensured the effect of our development has been properly assessed and that the transport measures proposed will work effectively and will have a positive impact on what currently exists within the marina.