With reference to your article about dyslexia being just a label (The Argus, May 29), I totally disagree with Julian Elliott's theory about there being no such thing as dyslexia.

Part of my personality comes from my dyslexia. It makes me look at the world through a different pair of eyes. Like a lot of famous people, I was born this way but it hasn't stopped me from trying my best at everything I do.

It's a shame my condition wasn't diagnosed at school. I was just branded as lazy and had to find out for myself in 1990, when Terry Wogan had racing driver Jackie Stewart as guest on his TV chat show.

Stewart explained how his son had recently been diagnosed as being dyslexic. Stewart himself also went to be tested and was also found to be dyslexic.

The experiences he described mirrored some of my own, such as getting phone numbers back-tofront and having a short memory.

I decided to look into the condition myself and found a local testing centre to have an assessment.

When I was told I was mildly dyslexic but had "self-taught"

myself tricks to get over difficulties, it was as if a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was not thick, I was just wired differently.

Just like Tom Cruise, Whoopi Goldberg, Susan Hampshire, Keanu Reeves, Thomas Edison and even Albert Einstein, I was blessed with this gift.

If money was no object, I would travel the country making more people aware of dyslexia, rather than simply putting labels on people.

  • Andrew Rough, Milner Road, Brighton