It’s unusual, to say the least, for the revision of a copyright law to be the impetus to shoot DJs to success.

Thanks to the 2014 change allowing footage to be used for satire or parodies, duo Cassette Boy’s hilarious mash ups no longer violate copyright laws, allowing the cut and paste footage experts to capitalise on their viral success.

Poking tongue-in-cheek fun while also making serious political points, the left-leaning pair formed a well-thought-through partnership with DJ Rubbish for the Spiegeltent gig.

He expertly compered the duo’s wardrobe changes, videos, songs and antics. Without him, the night would have bordered more on the surreal than enjoyable.

The upbeat crowd pleasers were twinned with the iconic videos which have made Cassette Boy famous, from political speeches from David Cameron and Teresa May to mash ups of Alan Sugar on The Apprentice and Jeremy Kyle.

A highlight saw EastEnder’s Dot Cotton mixed with Justin Bieber and images of a new born baby, complete with animated features.

It would have been better for videos to be projected on a screen near the stage instead of above the dance floor, so the duo’s antics onstage and footage could all be enjoyed together.

But apart from this small detail, it was an incredible evening.