THE death of David Bowie in January shocked the world of music.

While his legacy of live performances and graceful albums remains familiar to many, another side of the frontman is to be seen in Brighton and Hove for the first time.

A UK exhibition tour of 40 never-before-seen photographs of Bowie is to visit the city for one night only.

Called David And I: My Photographic Account Of Travelling The World With David Bowie, it is the work of the star's official photographer Denis O’Regan.

Mr O'Regan's photographic account represents a cross-section of memories of travelling the world with the legendary singer.

He said: "I decided that my tour and selection of photographs would all be on David Bowie because I spent so much time with him.

"The collection represents me being on tour with David but also doing stuff on the tour that had nothing to do with the tour.

"David had never been photographed in this way before, he had never had a tour documented so this was the first time anyone had ever been given that access."

The images give a glimpse of rare, intimate moments back stage, relaxing between gigs and on stage.

Among the shots is a picture of Mr O'Regan himself with Bowie, taken back stage in New York in 1987.

Other pictures show the Ziggy Stardust singer away from the microphone, sitting in restaurants but also in unusual situations such as visiting Madame Tussauds to make sure his wax works looked the part.

Mr O'Regan said his favourite image, if forced to choose, was one of Bowie in front of the Berlin Wall in 1987.

"For David that was a special show," Denis said, "After the soundcheck, just apropo of nothing, David said, 'Shall we go back to my old apartment where I used to live and just knock on the door?' So we did. This bloke opened it and tried to be as nonchalant as he could be because obviously he hadn't been told. And we went up and it was good to have an insight into how he lived at that point."

As well as being official photographer to Bowie during the 1983 Serious Moonlight Tour, the 1987 Glass Spider Tour and the 1990 Sound And Vision Tour, Mr O’ Regan was also the photographer at events such as The Concert For Diana and Live Aid in 1985.

Not just acquainted with Bowie, Mr O'Regan toured the world with contemporaries such as the Rolling Stones, Queen, Duran Duran, Pink Floyd, Spandau Ballet, Thin Lizzy, Neil Diamond and the Bee Gees throughout the 1980s and 90s.

Where Bowie was concerned, Mr O'Regan said every image he used was approved by the man himself.

He said: "Having me around all the time meant things could happen on the spur of the moment and I could capture stuff that if you turned up for a month you might not get."

The pictures get an airing at Mini dealerships throughout the UK with the Off Beat Lounge, which specialises in exhibiting limited edition, fine art rock photography. A tour last year looking at Bruce Springsteen saw fans travel from across Europe to attend.

For this exhibition Mr O’Regan will be on hand to give some ticket-holders an insight into what it was like travelling with one of the world's biggest rock icons.

The exhibition runs at the Chandlers Mini showroom in Victoria Road, Portslade, on the evening of Tuesday, August 2, and limited tickets from £7.50 are available by searching "David And I" on the website