Writer Edgar Allan Poe is famous for his horror writing. So the medieval Preston Church seemed like the perfect location for an evening exploring some of his macabre works.

Richard Spaul from the In Situ theatre company enthusiastically took on some of Poe's short stories from his book Tales of Mystery and Imagination for the small crowd gathered around him on church service chairs.

Having lived in the early 1800s, Poe's language in the first tale A Premature Burial was a hurdle to get over. But his fascination with death created a harrowing story, which felt more of a documentation.

Spaul's interpretation of the narrator's description in some places was more dramatic and somber than some would read it. But credit to the actor for his faultless delivery of a no doubt difficult piece.

Thou Art the Man was a more accessible murder mystery tale with a fascinating plot which had the audience entranced.

Spaul chose to intersperse the two tales with songs, from English folk to blues. It was an interesting diversion from the storytelling, if perhaps a little out of place.