1980s police cops dramas - the all American Dream encapsulated by macho officers, over the top drama and remarkably efficient crime solving.

It's an easy subject for a satirical comedy. But The Pretend Men trio take it to a whole new level.

The incredible acting is over the top, almost creating caricatures of the numerous characters who weave in and out of the young cop's career at the centre of the story.

Incredibly, the high-energy and no frills performance successfully portrays slow motion bad guy chases, romantic bonding on mountains and the lairs of a criminal hideout with conviction and fun.

The entire show is choreographed to perfection. There has obviously been immense amounts of thought gone into the show - and studying of the original shows to hit every point spot on.

But the finished performance is seamless and effortless, only improved when the characters surprise themselves with impromptu funny lines and desperately suppress their laughter to keep the characters up.

It's all just bloody good fun.

The venue was incredibly hot on the opening evening. The three relentless actors performed on, sweating through the jumps, rolls and infinite costume changes almost unfazed.

It's no doubt an absolute jewel in the crown of the Fringe programme. Laughter from the audience was non-stop and the smiles were still stretched across people's faces as they left the venue.