ALIENS and men in black will be stalking the streets of Brighton in an interactive family fringe experience - and the producers need your help.

The team behind Project: Oggbots are looking for a resident in the North Laine area to play host to one of Brighton Fringe piece about a robot which has been damaged in a spaceship crash.

In the treasure-hunt esque challenge, there will be scattered parts of the damaged robot throughout the area, and artistic director Simon Magnus wants residents to get in on the fun.

The production is being put on by the Root Experience arts company and Maker Club, which makes 3D printed robotics.

Mr Magnus said: "They are going to be going through the library, car parks, and all sorts of secret locations looking for the parts of the robot.

"We did a sold out show at the Brighton Digital Festival a few years ago and we used a random hallway in a house where the children would go and knock on the doors and then be invited in to look for the piece of the robot, so we would love to be able to do that again."

The experience sees children and their families taking part in the galactic adventure, being challenged to explore the neighbourhood, find the pieces, and escape the clutches of the agents in black.

Mr Magnus added: "There is something which appeals to kids about the experience, it completely changes the streets around them.

"It is quite an adult thing being out in the street, especially if you are a seven or 11 year old, so it is all about changing the way they look at it for the kids.

"It is fun for the adults as well and the story gets them involved, offering a chance for them to play together. We aim to increase playfulness and embrace the silliness.

"It is a joy - I have seen parents crawling around the floors of the library and even those who a little reserved end up running away screaming from the agents in black."

*The show runs on June 4 and June 5, costs £8, for more information visit

If you want to offer up your home as part of the adventure email