A SUSSEX primary school has assured animal campaigners it will not shoot a family of foxes which have set up home in its grounds.

Brighton Hunt Saboteurs claimed on social media that St. Andrew's Church of England School in Winchelsea Road, Eastbourne, was considering whether to kill a vixen and her cubs that have been seen at the school.

The group was asking the public to contact the school and ask they not kill the foxes but instead use 'humane, non-lethal methods of control if they still deem it necessary.'

But deputy head Phil Crossinggum has said that this will not happen and staff are working with wildlife rescue centres and pest controllers how best to relocate the animals.

He said: "We have yet to decide which course of action to take, but would like to reassure parents and the wider community that we have absolutely no plans to shoot them and have never suggested this as an option.

"The foxes are currently living underneath a mobile classroom and regularly roam the site, causing significant concern for the safety of children at the school.

"A risk assessment has been carried out following advice from East Sussex County Council.

"Despite our caretaker's best efforts to keep the site clean, we are currently unable to use a number of outside areas and have had to throw away equipment due to damage and health concerns.

'While we would like to leave the foxes where they are, our priority must be for the health and safety of our pupils."

The post from Brighton Hunt Saboteurs had stated: "We've received information that St. Andrew's C of E School in Eastbourne are considering whether to kill a vixen and her cubs that have been seen in the school grounds.

"If they decide to do so, it would be due to happen over the half term break (which begins this Friday)."

One Facebook post on its page, from Claire Marie McArthur, said that she had written to the school and that she was horrified if the school was indeed considering it.

She said that it would send out "an absolutely appalling message" to pupils at the school.