THERE are calls for a picture showing two bare bums to be reinstated after it was banned from a busy railway station.

Photographer Danny Fitzpatrick was told the racy picture of two cyclists preparing for the Brighton Naked Bike Ride was a bit too cheeky for one passenger passing through Brighton Station, who complained to rail bosses.

Mr Fitzpatrick had included the shot as part of a Brighton Fringe exhibition showing 23 portraits of locals who contribute towards the city's unique image.

But the father-of-two was called by a manager at Brighton Station, who broke the news.

The 40-year-old, who lives in Woodingdean, has taken the picture down but the move caused an outcry online.

Mr Fitzpatrick said: "I have seen a lot of comments and generally the majority are saying bring the bums back.

"It would be nice for it to be put somewhere that's open to the public. No venue is going to be better than the station in that respect.

"I can understand someone's point of view and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

"You see bums constantly in newspapers and on adverts. They are pretty much everywhere."

Nick Sayers, 43, is pictured in the banned photograph, facing the camera.

One of the bike ride organisers, the Hove resident said: "I was so proud to be one of the faces of Brighton and our ride has become an institution of the scene. It makes Brighton what it is.

"I was disappointed to hear the picture was coming down. It seems like a bit of an over-reaction.

"Our public spaces already show pictures of scantily-clad women with 'perfect bodies'. It's time we complained about that, rather than a family event."

Yvonne Luna is also part of the exhibition in a separate photograph wearing a swimming costume by the sea.

The 57-year-old, who lives in Rock Place, Brighton, said: "I was shocked that it was just one person who complained. Thousands have enjoyed it.

"I do wonder if the complaint was based on it being two men. Would they have complained if it was a man and a woman?"

Mr Fitzpatrick ran the picture past the station beforehand and said it had been very supportive of the exhibition.

He added: "The station have been really good to me and are just responding to customer complaints so it's fine by me."

A railway spokesman said: "We received a complaint that the image was not suitable for children to be seeing, so we contacted the artist and requested its removal."

Mr Fitzpatrick wants to keep adding to the exhibition and fill the whole wall up.

His exhibition was supposed to end on June 5 but he said the station has allowed it to carry on for longer.

If you have any ideas for new pictures on the wall, email or tweet @FacesOfBrighton.