WANNABE writers will shut themselves into one of the city’s most novel creative spaces overnight later this month for a dusk-til-dawn writing event.

The “All Night Write” at 88 London Road - formerly the Emporium - will close its doors at 10pm sealing writers in the coffee-house-cum-theatre and not reopen them until six o’clock the following morning.

Aspiring novelists will have the opportunity to mingle with published authors, literary agents and even Richard and Judy favourites who will help them hone their craft.

Phil Viner, who writes as P D Viner, is among the established Brighton literary figures who will be on hand to help his colleagues, contemporaries, and perhaps one-day, rivals.

He said: “When I was my first book this was exactly the kind of thing I would have loved to be able to take advantage of.”

Phil, whose novel The Last Winter of Dani Lancing was published in 2013, explained: “There will be loads of information available, there will be agents there to pitch to, and there will be writers who are published now who know how to do it, and we’re all going to be there to give advice.

“Yes there are workshops and things but there are never writers there, what makes this different is we’ve got 20 or 30 professional published writers and can really support people.”

The overnight event costs £20 to attend which includes the cost of two of the cafe’s cups of coffee, and a series of talks by the published authors.

It is open to all aspiring writers of all genres and levels of experience, and the professionals on hand include novelists, poets, dramatists and scriptwriters, of a number of genres.

Phil explained that the overnight timing was designed to fit with the experience of the aspiring writer.

“If you’ve got a full-time job the only time you can write is at night,” he said, “So most first novels are written at night.”

Through the course of the writing session there will be tea and coffee and break-out experiences to provide inspiration.

Organisers will lay on flash fiction breaks, a box of titles to work with, creative writing tasks, and the opportunity to work with an an actor to create or flesh out a character.

From 4am frantic tapping of laptop or typewriter keys - or the scrawl of pen on paper - will cease as the cohort moves to the venue’s theatre space to hear a professional actor and voice actor read out the work produced during the session.

All Night Write will take place at 88 London Road from 10pm on Saturday, June 18 to 10am on Sunday June 19, entry of £20 includes coffee. For more information go to 88londonroad.com/whats-on/all-night-write.