A PHOTOGRAPH showing Brighton's Naked Bike Ride which was banned from a train station has found a new home in a coffee shop.

The Marwood, in Ship Street, Brighton, has agreed to hang the image by photographer Danny Fitzpatrick after it was removed from an exhibition at the station following a complaint.

The image has caused quite a stir since it has included in the Brighton Fringe exhibition last month as part of 23 portraits celebrating the city.

For many it is a lighthearted piece of art showing Brighton at its eccentric best: a sea of nudity at the Naked Bike with two men’s bare bottoms in the foreground.

Included in those is Marwood manager Dan Brown.

He said: “We’re quite controversial, so it suits us for people to say ‘where’s that gone, oh it’s gone to the Marwood, of course it has.’

“I thought it was a bit ridiculous, it is Brighton after all, it’s one of the most liberal places in the country so you’d have thought we’d be allowed to have a photo with two bottoms at our train station.

“So it’s more the sort of moral of the thing, why would it be offensive? It’s just two bottoms, two parts of the body and it’s about the Naked Bike Ride.”

Mr Fitzpatrick said: “The people at the station are great, I don’t blame them. They’re just responding to a complaint.

“But the photo has had such positive feedback so it’s nice that it’s found a new home.

“I’m definitely pleased it’ll be up again, it gives me the option to admire some nice bums as I sip my green tea.

“I’m told it should be hanging on the walls of the coffee shop on Monday.”

The Naked Bike Ride is a celebration of the bike and the body and a protest ride against climate change.

This year's ride will be on Sunday (June 12) with those taking part asked to meet at The Level at 12 noon.